The best way to protect your freedom is to know your rights, and at scott and medling we know your rights.

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Scott and Medling is a premier criminal defense law firm, known throughout the State for successful litigation of complex and high profile cases.  At Scott and Medling, each of our attorneys has 20 years experience in handling criminal cases. If clients have cases that may one day go to trial, they chose Scott and Medling, known for their ability to properly handle cases for trial.

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Scott and Medling is unique because we devote immense attention to each case,  giving clients the attention not typically received elsewhere.  The firm's knowledge of how to best present a case to a jury is a significant factor in why so may of our clients come to us.  Clients know that Scott and Medling fights hard, and we have earned a reputation that reflects this attitude.  This often affects the perceptions of all involved, including opposing counsel, creating outstanding resolution opportunities.


Scott and Medling's success hinges on our extraordinarily high level of personal service, combined with a thorough review of evidence and deep expertise and skill in trial litigation.  Scott and Medling is unique in that, unlike other firms that handle hundreds of cases, we only take on a certain number of cases at a time in order to dedicate our full attention to doing the best possible job for our clients.  The firm uses a highly focused team approach in preparation, motion practice, and trial presentation.  When preparing a case for trial, each of our attorneys will review the client's case individually, and again as a firm to ensure the best possible outcome.


If you do face a legal problem in Florida that is criminal in nature, you have no time to waste.  You need to secure an attorney who will protect your rights.  To know your rights is to protect your freedom, Scott and Medling knows your rights.  

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If you are aressted or confronted by the police:.

1. First, ask to call your lawyer

2. Be courteous, do not resist

3. Do not consent to search or entry

4. Do not talk about anything, do not admit or deny anything

5. Ask if you are free to go. if you are, GO.


issues law

In this Issues and Law Section, Scott and Medling provide answers to preliminary questions that frequently arise in many criminal investigations including: Police contact and search for narcotics.

Because of the unexpected nature of most investigation, this information may prove to be valuable in our defense. You may review the following Q and A to see if it presents any issues relevant to your situation. Do not delay seeking proffesional consultation...

Press cases

In this section we provide links to the latest press cases, reviews and other interesting media related articles.

media2 Roger Scott being interviewed on television about the Casey Anthony case.